How to wash the covers with foam filling

Covers with a filling made of special foams are very dimensionally stable compared to a conventional cover, they are extremely comfortable and look much better. A great advantage is also higher protection of the mattress core against UV radiation.

Follow the care symbols on the cover for treatment.

A conventional washing machine can be used for washing, the advantage is the larger volume of the drum. In a smaller washing machine, wash each half of the cover separately, it is easier to insert and remove the cover. Use gentle wash programs with a maximum temperature of 60°C. Squeeze the cover well at speeds above 1000/min.

Use normal detergents for washing!
Do not use organic solvents!
Do not use drying!

After washing, gently pull the cover out of the washing machine to prevent damage to the filling and allow it to dry well. In a ventilated room with normal humidity, drying takes approximately 24 hours.


Choosing the right quality mattress and pillow is very important for healthy sleep and regeneration. Equally important is a suitable underlay under the mattress. This depends on the construction of the mattress and especially on the height of the mattress and the load.

For mattresses with a height of up to 20 cm, we recommend the FLEX grate with flexible slat. This is because lower mattresses can overload mattress materials under heavy loads. In this case, the lamella grate absorbs a large load. However, it is important not to exceed the load capacity of the grate - add up the weight of the user + the weight of the mattress. A quality lamella grate should have at least 27 lamellas 34 mm wide.

For higher mattresses, over 20 cm, we recommend COMPACT grates. Higher mattresses are also heavier and can overload pre-bent elastic slats. The high mattress also does not need an additional flexible layer and all the loads are absorbed by the individual layers of the mattress. The high-quality slatted frame creates a stable base under the mattress, which supports a sufficient area thanks to the large number of slats. 17-slat COMPACT grates usually have very small gaps - up to 40 mm (except for motor versions, the construction of the grate does not allow it).

For higher mattresses, it is also possible to use a solid pad made of a large-area material, such as chipboard, plywood, etc. Here it is necessary to make an adjustment that ensures a sufficient supply of air to the underside of the mattress. It can be adjusted with holes or a pad made of breathable material.

Do not place the mattress on another mattress, upholstered bed, wire mesh, etc.! The new mattress will not equal the original lying bed, but it will copy the unevenness and rigidity.

Also do not use grates with too large gaps - over 40 mm! (except engine versions) This can lead to material overloading, especially for lower types of mattresses, because the area on which the mattress lies is too small.

In our assortment you will find slats and slatted gratings in various designs. Fixed, positionable, openable from the front and side or motorized.

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