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At this time mattresses are most often made of various types of polyurethane foams, springs and latex. There are too many different types of mattresses on our market, in which it is very difficult for a regular customer to find their way around, so we would like to make this choice easier for you and emphasize what is important.

For the production of a high-quality and comfortable mattress,it is necessary to use the highest quality materials both for the supporting part - the middle part of the mattress, and for the lying, softening layers. The mattress made of quality materials is very comfortable, breathable and does not change its properties throughout its life. On the other hand, a mattress made of low-quality - cheap materials will quickly change its stiffness and elasticity and usually does not have sufficient breathability. This means that such a mattress will soon have different features than you tried in the store.

Therefore, we recommend you do not underestimate the information about the materials used when choosing a mattress and ask the seller what the mattress is made of (foam weights, actual number of springs, cover composition, etc.). Everything can be substantiated by specific values that you can compare with another product. Many suppliers do not intentionally provide this information, even if it is the most important. When you will able to compare materials, you will find out how big the differences are between the different types.

And what are the most common mistakes when choosing a quality mattress?

‼ Selection by price - the customer orients only by price, believing that an expensive mattress must be of high quality. If you do not know more information about the material, you will most likely buy a very overpriced product.

‼ Selection according to the amount of the discount - do not decide according to the discounts!! In most cases, it is a fraud, the original price is excessively high and unrealistic and the price after the discount is usually still high compared to a similar product.

‼ Buying a quality mattress at the e-shop - this sales channel is more suitable for buying a cheap mattress suitable, for example, for occasional use. We do not recommend buying quality/more expensive mattresses via e-shops, because everyone has individual requirements and choosing a mattress is an emotional question. The mattress must be personally tested. Try to set aside more time and visit one of our specialized stores, where they will be happy to explain everything and especially show you.


Here you will find basic information about the individual materials. ▼




Foam mattresses

This category includes standard foams, HR cold foams and viscoelastic foams. There are definitely the most common of these mattresses on the market in various combinations. Foams are easy to shape and combine, they are also in different colors and properties. The most important criterion here is the weight given in kg/m3. The weight determines the quality and durability of the foam mattress. Stiffness does not mean quality. Stiffness can be artificially created even with low-quality foams. However, this rigidity, artificially created, is only temporary.

How do the different types differ?

◘ Standard foams - have a regular structure of very small cells. The advantage is solid dimensional stability, the disadvantage is poorer breathability. The lowest usable weight is 25 kg/m3. Weight 25 - 30 is used for the cheapest mattresses, 30 - 35 for the middle category and 35 - 40 for top mattresses.

HR cold foams - are characterized by an open structure of large pores, thanks to which the foam is very breathable. These foams are also very elastic. The disadvantage is poorer dimensional stability at lower weights. The lowest usable weight is 38 kg/m3. We use weights 38 - 45 for mattresses of the middle price category and 45 - 60 for comfortable mattresses.

Viscoelastic foam (also lazy or thermo foam) - not so elastic, partially responds to temperature by changing its stiffness. This foam can best adapt to body curves, helping to distribute pressure over a larger area. Weights are around 50 kg/m3.


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Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses have a base/the center made of a spring frame (steel wire). At this time, spring frames are mainly used, where the individual springs are packed in a textile package - the so-called bag. Such a spring frames are very durable, do not creak and last a long time.

The quality of a spring mattress is determined by the number of springs per m2 and the number of turns for individual springs. The spring frame gives the mattress excellent breathability and flexibility, and when combined with other materials, it creates an ideal place for a rest with long-lasting life.

Many people have negative prejudices against spring mattresses because of the bad experience from the recent past, when structurally poorly designed springs were widely used. These were very uncomfortable, creaking and even cracking.

Now the situation is completely different and a well-made spring mattress is difficult to replace with another alternative.

After all, manufacturers of mattress foams are trying to develop a foam that will have similar properties to a spring - foam that will be similarly breathable and elastic. But this is very difficult. When you stay in a luxury hotel all over the world,their rooms will be equipped with a box spring mattress for sure.

Another indisputable advantage is the impact on the environment. Spring bags means less refractory waste.

For these reasons, we clearly recommend spring mattresses.


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Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are made of cores containing natural and synthetic rubber in different proportions, or of different latex boards layered with other materials.

Latex is an elastic, breathable material suitable especially for positioning beds, as it can perfectly copy any bend. Latex material tends to be heavier than polyurethane foams, so it is high quality and comfortable for lying down. Natural latex repels mites, making it suitable for users suffering from mite adverse reactions.


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Natural mattresses

For the production of natural mattresses, we use materials of plant or animal origin, which significantly contribute to increasing the comfort of lying. These are for example 100% sheep wool, 100% camel wool, 100% cotton,100% horsehair, 100% sisal and latex.

Sheep's and camel's wool act as a temperature regulator, warming in the winter and cooling in the summer thanks to the adsorption of humidity depending on the ambient temperature.
Horsehair can hold a large amount of moisture - up to 20% of its weight.
Sisal is a very durable and strong material used as an upholstery carrier.
Cotton excels in high moisture absorption.
○ Latex layers with flat perforation have a high content of natural latex, which acts against mites. The weight of the latex foam is 70 kg/m3, which is more than is commonly used on the market.

All materials used are extremely breathable and have a long-lasting life. They will take care of your peaceful sleep in a pleasant and dry environment.


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