Mattress PREMIUM

Premium luxury spring mattress for very demanding users. A proven double core mattress solution that stands out for its exceptional comfort and durable construction. 26 cm high mattress made of the highest quality materials can perfectly copy any character.

The mattress consists of two separate cores with pocket springs that can be turned to a stiffer or softer side. This makes the mattress very variable. The lower stiffer core ensures proper support for the spine and reliably absorbs more pronounced compression. Upper - softer core offers comfortable softness and distinctive breathability. Extra soft 5-zone pocket spring and densely perforated latex layers guarantee extraordinary comfort. The mattress perfectly replicates the body and does not press uncomfortably anywhere. The composition of the layers promotes airflow through the entire core, creating a comfortable feeling when sleeping in a dry environment.

We deliver this luxury mattress in matching cover. It is a handmade luxury cover with hem, handles and a 3D strap that significantly improves air circulation. You can choose from Bamboo,Silver or One4all.

It is recommended to place the mattress on a dense laths grate with as little gaps as possible.


výška x šířka x délka

PRICE: 19 496 Kč
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Klíčové vlastnosti

  • Nosnost Load to 140kg
  • Výška The mattress height is 26 cm
  • Záruka Warranty 10 let

  • Rigidity
  • Hmotnost Weight 33kg
  • HR 55
  • Latex
  • Polohování
  • Pračka
  • Pružiny 380
  • Pružiny 770
  • PUR 40
  • ZIP


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