Mattress VIOLA

High quality mattress based on natural materials for everyone who likes to lie on a rigid mattress. Horsehair, sisal, cotton,wool, camel wool and latex ensure perfect moisture management and create optimal conditions for quiet sleep. The mattress is very stiff but at the same time it can handle significant positioning,for example, on a motorized positioning grate.

The summer side of the mattress is made of natural materials - sisal, horsehair, 100% cotton and 100% camel wool. The winter side of the mattress consists of a higher weight latex, sisal and 100% sheep wool. Natural materials give the mattress specific properties. Sheep and camel wool function as a temperature regulator, thanks to absorption or release of moisture they can cool in summer and warm in winter. Horsehair can hold large amounts of moisture unnoticed during contact. This moisture is released again when you are not lying. The latex layer also has an antibacterial effect, as natural latex creates an unsuitable environment for mite life. All these layers are extremely breathable, which you will find when lying on a pleasant dry surface.

The mattress core is protected by a separating knit. The MABO mattresses have a zippered half-fold cover for easier handling and washing. The mattress is suitable for a COMPACT laths grate or a solid mat. Natural materials may have a specific odor that is not a defect and is lost over time.

rigid but flexible core made of hardened coir board
top HR cold foams of 55 kg/m3
high quality latex with thick perforation
natural layers maintain optimal microclimate
summer and winter part
luxury removable and washable cover


výška x šířka x délka

PRICE: 12 263 Kč
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Klíčové vlastnosti

  • Nosnost Load to 150kg
  • Výška The mattress height is 24 cm
  • Záruka Warranty 7 let

  • Rigidity
  • Hmotnost Weight 38kg
  • HR 55
  • Latex
  • Nature
  • Polohování
  • Pračka
  • ZIP


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