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25.10.2017 Special offer

Now we have included in our product range a new model - the EGET mattress. Very pleasant and comfortable mattress with rigid pocket core and soft surface. Thanks to the used materials and the functional perforation, the mattress is perfectly breathable and amazingly comfortable. Antibacterial adjustment. The height of this mattress is 27 cm !! Come and try how a spring mattress can be! It will surely surprise you!

About us

Our purely Czech company has been specializing in the producing of softened PUR foams and mattresses under the MABO brand for 23 years. Thanks to high investments in technology, we are now fully self-sufficient and the complete development and production process takes place in one place. Constant supervision of the entire production process allows us to increase efficiency and apply new procedures.

However, the most important factor is still the human factor and without experienced experts it would not be possible. Professional approach, long-term experience in mattress production and constant output control from individual processes guarantee top quality and longevity, which inherently belongs to the Czech brand MABO.

What materials do we use?


  • 20 let na trhu 20 years on the market
  • Ryze česká společnost Exclusively Czech company
  • Moderní technologie Modern technologies

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