Quality certificate

Certificate of quality of our mattresses

We believe that our products are of the best quality and have the longest possible lifespan. ♥ We therefore refined the production process down to the smallest detail and now we are able to officially guarantee this to you! We are currently the only company on the mattress and bedding market that has had its products tested by an authorized person and can now provide you with this certificate.

We are happy to present you with this certificate, which underlines the exceptional quality of our products

The measured values ​​are guaranteed by an accredited testing laboratory, whose measurement results are accepted throughout the EU on the basis of certification.

The test shows that individual mattresses were successively compressed 10,000 times at three different points with a force of 1000N (100kg). Wear was subsequently measured on these compressed areas - changes in height, changes in stiffness and visual changes on the surface. These values ​​are compared to an unloaded location.

The resulting measured values ​​prove that mabo mattresses are incredibly load-bearing and the changes to the mattress caused by use are negligible. With the MESTE mattress, the change is even so small that it is difficult to measure due to the reported measurement uncertainty (accuracy tolerance).

All this just proves that our mattresses are made of top-quality materials and in a very honest way of processing. This means that you get the highest possible quality for your money.

Certificate in pdf. format the file can be viewed by clicking on the "100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE" image above, but we have also included it for you below in the form of a gallery of images.