About us


Our purely Czech company has been specializing in the production of products for healthy sleep under the mabo® brand since 1996. We started our business as a natural person and then in 2006 we were transformed into the company MABO TRADE s.r.o.
Thanks to constant investments in new technologies, we are fully self-sufficient and flexible in production. The complete development and production process takes place with the help of experienced experts in one place on the premises of our company. We constantly follow new trends and innovations in the world of healthy sleep and transfer them to our products. Every product goes through a thorough inspection from the beginning of the production process, which guarantees shipment only in 100% quality.
But the most important factor is still the human factor, and it would not be possible without experienced experts. Many years of experience and the professional approach of each individual are a guarantee of top quality and longevity, which has been inherent to the Czech mabo® brand since the beginning.
Our products are characterized by an extremely high level of processing in every detail, the above-standard quality of the materials used and a timeless design. The mabo® brand means an honest Czech product of top quality. You can buy or try our products in specialized stores throughout the Czech Republic.