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Brand: MABO
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A seven-zone mattress composed of high-quality foams without the use of adhesives. The core is sufficiently breathable thanks to the dense perforation. Removable hollow fiber cover with flat stitching. The cover is washable at 60°C and can be divided into two halves with a zipper for easier handling and washing. The mattress is suitable for a slatted grid or a solid base.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

  • Quality foams weighing 30 and 32 kg/m3
  • vertical openings
  • harder and softer side
  • removable and washable cover
  • load capacity up to 120 kg
  • 5 year warranty
  • suitable for slatted grates

New unique design of covers with a large all-over pattern according to the latest trends. These covers are stronger, more durable and, above all, increase the comfort of lying down. Thanks to the unique materials used, the cover retains its shape and plastic pattern for a long time, unlike covers with PES fleece. The total weight of the filling is 470 gr/m2 for the MITCH cover. For the filling, we use a special elastic and breathable foam with a high weight (25 kg/m3) developed for this purpose. This gives the cover the necessary elasticity. The mattress is suitable for a slatted grid or a solid base.

Minimitch - three-layer knit cover with flat stitching (↨ 19 cm)

Mitch - high cotton cover. Cotton is pleasant to the touch and absorbs moisture very well. (↨ 21 cm)

The removable cover can be split into two halves and washed at 60°C.


Additional parameters

Category: On sale
Warranty: 5 let
? Doporučení podle hmotnosti: 70-90
Podle materiálu: PUR pěna
Podle tuhosti: tuhá
? tuhost: 4/5
výška matrace: 18 cm
anatomické zóny: 7
maximální nosnost: 120
hmotnost: 22 kg