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A set of pillows and blankets for the summer season.

The blanket SYMPHONY NATUR 150 is intended more for the summer season. Filling 150g/m2. Size: 135 x 200 cm
The SYMPHONY pillow is intended for all users who like the classic shape of the pillow. Size: 17 x 48 x 58 cm

100% natural blanket composition that does not burden the environment. ♥

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Product detailed description


The filling consists of neutral polyester fibers in the form of balls. This material is dimensionally stable and is separated from the upper fabric by its own knitted cover, which can be unzipped and the filling easily adapted to your needs.

The surface fabric is made of fine 100% cotton with a luxurious look and a pleasant feeling to the touch. The surface fabric is stitched with a mixture of lyocell and drop, which are natural materials with exceptional thermoregulatory properties.

The pillow is washable at a maximum of 60°C.


The main advantage of the SYMPHONY NATUR blanket is its thermoregulation ability, extraordinary lightness and flowability. The blanket quickly provides the user with a pleasant feeling of well-being and significantly reduces sweating. The blanket is made only of natural materials - the filling is a mixture of lyocell and kapok. The surface is made of pleasant soft 100% cotton with a luxurious look.

  • Lyocell (viscose) feels like silk and has a texture like polyester, cools like linen and warms like wool. It stands out for its extraordinary absorption capacity and lightness. Up to 70% of the moisture released by the body during sleep is absorbed by lyocell and subsequently released into the environment. This guarantees an optimal - dry microclimate.


  • Kapok is a fiber obtained from the pods of the wild woolly kapok tree. This exceptional material stands out for its high breathability, elasticity and durability. Its thermoregulatory capabilities ensure quick warmth during the cold seasons and airiness and lightness in the summer. Thanks to these properties, the blanket does not have to be too coarse and heavy. A special feature is also the content of a bitter substance, which allows allergy sufferers to sleep peacefully. It very effectively repels mites and limits their growth. Kapok is also extremely resistant to fungal attack.

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Category: Blankets
Warranty: 2 years