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Centrum matrací Pavel interiéry MABO matrace
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Brand: MABO
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Very high-quality mattress based on natural materials for everyone who likes to lie on a firm mattress. Horse hair, sisal, cotton, wool, camel wool and latex ensure perfect moisture removal and create optimal conditions for a peaceful sleep. The mattress is very stiff, but at the same time it can easily handle significant positioning, for example on a motorized positioning grid.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

  • The summer side of the mattress is layered with natural materials - sisal, horse hair, 100% cotton and 100% camel wool.
  • The winter side of the mattress consists of latex with a higher grammage, sisal and 100% sheep wool.

Natural materials give the mattress specific properties. Sheep and camel wool act as a temperature regulator, thanks to the absorption or release of moisture, they can cool in summer and warm in winter. Horsehair can absorb a large amount of moisture without being noticeable to the touch. It releases this moisture again when you are not lying down. The latex layer also has an antibacterial effect, as natural latex creates an unsuitable environment for dust mites. All these layers are extremely breathable, which you can tell when lying on a pleasant dry surface.

The materials used are 100% of vegetable or animal origin and therefore have their own specific aroma, which some individuals may perceive more sensitively, but some may not register it at all. The specific aroma is not a defect and disappears over time. Natural layers are also not as elastic as foams, so it may happen that the surface of the mattress "ripples" slightly after use, which disappears within tens of minutes - the materials return to their original state.

  • rigid yet flexible core of hardened coconut fiber board
  • top HR cold foam weighing 55 kg/m3
  • very high quality latex with dense perforation
  • natural layers maintain an optimal microclimate
  • summer and winter side
  • luxurious removable and washable cover

The core of the mattress is protected by a separation knit. The mattress is suitable for a COMPACT slatted frame or a solid base.

New unique design of covers with a large all-over pattern according to the latest trends. These covers are stronger, more durable and, above all, increase the comfort of lying down. Thanks to the unique materials used, the cover retains its shape and plastic pattern for a long time, unlike covers with PES fleece. The total grammage of the filling is 940 gr/m2 for the SILVER, BAMBOO, UNICORN and M-PHONE covers and 1600 gr/m2 for the SEACELL cover. For the filling, we use a special elastic and breathable foam with a high weight (25 kg/m3) developed for this purpose. This gives the cover the necessary elasticity. 3D AIR SYSTEM is a strip on the perimeter of the mattress that really enhances air circulation inside the mattress, as it is a material with incomparable breathability. Due to the open structure of this material, the core of the mattress can be seen slightly when stitched correctly.

Silver - the cover with silver is made of polyester and viscose - lyocell. Lyocell feels like silk to the touch and the structure resembles polyester, cools like canvas and warms like wool. It stands out for its extraordinary absorption capacity and lightness. Silver ions actively act against bacteria.

Bamboo - the upper fabric with bamboo fiber, which is extracted directly from the bamboo stalk, gives the cover a pleasant softness and at the same time higher strength. Bamboo fiber can absorb moisture to a greater extent and then release it into the air when conditions change. Bamboo also creates an effective barrier against bacteria.

Seacell - the unique properties of seaweed help protect your skin from the harmful environment we are exposed to every day. Seaweed is a natural material, rich in essential substances such as vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals.

Surcharge for extended length 201 - 210 cm + 10%, 211 - 220 cm + 20%.

Additional parameters

Category: Adults
Warranty: 7 let
? Doporučení podle hmotnosti: 80-110, 110-130, 120-150
Podle materiálu: HR studená pěna, přírodní materiály
Podle tuhosti: extra tuhá
? tuhost: 5/6
výška matrace: 26 cm
maximální nosnost: 150
hmotnost: 38 kg